About Us

We decided to create this site to allow those out there who are seeking out metaphysical services to have a trustworthy place to go for real reviews. Our mission is to provide the platform for real consumers to voice their opinions, experiences about the services they've tried and allow an active communication channel for any questions. We also provide a platform for real/honest metaphysical practicitioners to gain word of mouth, help build their reputation and let consumers know they are here.


Since these are real consumer reviews, we do not take responsibility for what is written. However, we do realize that there are 3 sides to every story and to be fair to the practitioners, if a review is found to be obnoxious and untrue (through moderation between both parties) we will handle it and the user accordingly. What this site is not is a place to unfairly bash practitioners. We expect all users to be honest and fair in their assessments and we expect the same honesty and fairness in the practitioners. If a practitioner is a scammer, it will be very evident by the reviews and if they are not that will also be very evident. We look to promote those practitioners who are honest and good at what they do.


That being said, enjoy the site! We hope you find what you are looking for and that all your wishes come true!

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